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Muhammad Adi Fahmizzaman

Personal Data


A fast learner person. I can communicate in English both spoken and written. I am friendly, discipline and a hard worker. Works well both in a team or individual, cooperate with others and handle loads amount of work. Also used to autodidact to learn new things.
Seeking a challenging role, where my existing skills and qualifications will add value from the outset, whilst I continue to further develop my skills and knowledge in this field.

Technical Skill


Gunadarma University


Solo Projects/College Tasks

College Student

2015 — 2016


Part Time Web Developer

I Worked here during my last semester of my college as a part-time web dev.

Feb 2016 — Jul 2016

Conexus Solusi

Software Engineer

Nov 2016 — Aug 2017

Garena Indonesia

Full-stack Web Developer

Currently work as a full stack web developer. Creating flow with game ops, dicsussing web design with web designer, designing and create database, make website from scratch, use Git for collaboration and integration, Jenkins for deploy automation, monitoring website performance. Mostly focus on backend (API) but can do frontend if needed as well.

Aug 2017 — Now

Job tools and keywords:

Python, PHP, Flask, Django, Redis, MySQL, MariaDB, Cassandra, Redis, Git, Jenkins, Grafana, KIbana, Elastic Search, GraphQL.