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Hi there! my name is Muhammad Adi Fahmizzaman. I was born on March 7th, 1995 in Jakarta but I growing up and living in Rawalumbu — Bekasi.


From 1st grade to 6th grade, I attended Bani Saleh Elementary School in Bekasi. For 7th to 9th grade, I attended SMPN 16 Bekasi and 10th to 12th in SMAN 6 Bekasi. I graduated from Gunadarma University in Oct 2016 after 4 years of study.

Career Path

A learning in progress Backend Engineer, a fast learner person. I can communicate in English both spoken and written. I am friendly, discipline and a hard worker. Works well both in a team or individual, cooperate with others and handle loads amount of work. Also used to autodidact to learn new things.

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